Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Firm

Resolving disputes in families, disputes over business matters, or issues between neighbors need not result in court action. In many instances you can save time, money, and relationships by agreeing to alternative methods of resolving disputes.

Because mediation and arbitration are designed to find a solution that everyone can live with, the processes are far less contentious. The outcomes are typically agreed upon by both parties to the dispute which means no one winds up feeling they got a bad deal. This method of resolving conflicts is beneficial to everyone involved, your dispute gets resolved and relationships tend to be less damaged when both parties feel they have been treated fairly.

  • Civil Mediation and Arbitration
  • Blind Mediation
  • Family Mediation and Arbitration
  • Family Early Neutral Evaluation – Financial and Social
  • Family Moderated Settlement Conference
  • Family Consensual Special Magistrate

We are strong believers in resolving matters outside of court whenever possible. This is particularly true when the involved parties will have to have an ongoing relationship such as parents who are divorcing, business partners who are unhappy with the outcome of a contract, and other instances where it may be possible to resolve an issue without litigation.

If you are involved in a dispute with another party and you believe it is possible to reach a mutual understanding contact Grinde & Dicke Law Firm P.A. for assistance. We can assist with both mediation and arbitration and help you find a positive outcome for your dispute without resorting to a contentious court process.