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Minnesota Employment Attorney

In Minnesota, it’s important for employers to understand and follow the state and federal employment rules. This can sometimes cause tension between employers and employees resulting in disputes over employee treatment and payment issues. The best way to resolve these conflicts is with an experienced employment law attorney who can help find peaceful resolutions.

Legal Assistance for Employers

To avoid employee disputes, it is a good practice for employers to have well-drafted employee handbook that clearly lays out workplace rules, employee expectations, and other important company measures. We can help you draft employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and make sure your handbooks do not contain ambiguous language which could result in an employee not understanding company policies.

Our employment lawyers can also assist with employee claims including workplace harassment, discrimination, termination, wage concerns, and more. With many years of experience working in employment law, our team can help settle these disputes with minimal disruption to your company or operations.

Employee Legal Services

Just like employers, employees have their own rights that deserve to be protected. When employers commit a wrongdoing, employees can make a claim and fight back. Employees have every right to seek legal services with workplace disputes including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage issues, and more.

Protecting and Pursuing Your Interests

Grinde & Dicke Law firm, P.A. is here to help resolve workplace disputes which may include employers in need of advice on how to comply with state and federal employment laws, employers wishing to defend against a claim involving alleged violations of state or federal law, and employees who believe employers have violated their rights. We are committed to understanding your issue and finding the best solution that benefits you and your rights. We will take the time to understand the problem and help you determine the best way to move forward to protect your rights.

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