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Minnesota Landlord & Tenant Lawyers

Grinde & Dicke Law Firm provides experienced lease agreement review and drafting in Southeastern Minnesota. We will work with you to help ensure that your lease agreement sufficiently protects your interests. If a dispute occurs, we can help you obtain a favorable outcome

Reducing the gray areas in a leasing agreement including rent-payment dates, sub-leasing policies, and terms of tenancy can help reduce the chances of disputes farther down the road. We will make sure all the required policies and information is included in your lease agreement to comply with relevant state and federal law.

The Eviction Process

Landlords and tenants both have certain rights when it comes to an eviction proceeding. Typically, when a tenant has failed to make rent payments on time, the landlord may pursue an eviction action through the courts. However, under certain circumstances, tenants do have the right to withhold monthly payments. Make sure these rights are clearly understood before beginning the eviction process:

Landlord’s Reason for Eviction

  • Payment is not being made on time
  • Tenant has violated leasing agreements

Tenant’s Reasons for Withholding Rent

  • Landlord has not provided maintenance/repairs
  • Landlord has violated certain agreements

Landlord/Tenant Rights

When a landlord or tenant believes either party has violated certain rights, it’s important to have a reputable law firm experienced in Minnesota housing laws. Our landlord/tenant attorneys will work with both parties to make sure they understand their rights before taking further steps.

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