Civil Litigation in Rochester MN

Minnesota Civil Litigation Lawyers

Make sure you are fully prepared to handle a civil dispute with Grinde & Dicke’s civil litigation team. A civil action is any dispute that involves non-criminal issues including, but not limited to, personal injury, monetary debate and property damages. With over 30 years of experience in Minnesota law, our team offers experienced care dealing with civil litigation, and can often resolve issues through mediation and arbitration. When necessary, our team is also prepared to handle the issue through civil litigation. When a client seeks monetary retribution to restore a harm done to them or their property, it is our commitment that they receive a positive outcome.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes occur when one or more parties do not follow through with promises made in a signed agreement. These disputes often arise from a disagreement between the parties about the terms of the agreement or one party’s failure to fulfill a promise or perform an obligation. When a contract dispute arises, our lawyers will provide you with professional and competent assistance to ensure your rights are protected.

Construction Law and Mechanic Liens

With many years of experience handling disputes for contractors, mechanics, and customers, we understand that a fast, economical solution is necessary.  Customers expect professional service from contractors or mechanics, and when these professionals do not deliver on their promises, our team of attorneys can step in and help resolve the matter. Additionally, if clients do not provide payment for professional services, we can help your company file the necessary mechanic liens or paperwork to settle the issue.  Discover how Grinde & Dicke can help you or your business overcome legal disputes.

Resolving Real Estate Disputes

When real estate disputes arise, it is important that you understand your legal options. At Grinde & Dicke Law Firm, we have worked with home-owners and realtors to resolve issues including property line disputes, foreclosures, real estate transactions, and more. We are committed to reaching a solution through arbitration and mediation, but also provide in-court litigation services when the need arises. As a local law firm, we will do what is necessary to represent you and help you find a favorable outcome.

Protecting and Pursuing Your Interests

When a civil litigation arises, whether against your person or business, contact Grinde & Dicke Law Firm. We have been serving Southeast Minnesota for over three decades and look forward to putting our services to work for you.

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